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In a Nutshell About Us

Corporate Chef KL Jaison, Flavours Inn Caterer, Banagalore

Chef K L Jaison, Corporate Chef & GM, Flavours Inn

Chef Jaison, has our 25 years of industry experience. He has in the past worked for the Hyatt and Taj groups and has served in Kitchens across India, Singapore and Hongkong.

Specializes in Kerala and other Indian Cuisine. Has several celebrity Weddings to his credit, and has mastered the art of planing and executing catering for very large gatherings.

His success comes from enforcing strict discipline on the Quality of Ingredients used in preparation and maintaining Hygiene. He believes that hygiene in food prepared starts from each kitchen staffs personal hygiene and total hygiene maintained by them at their accommodation

There is an interesting story about how our promoters entered the Hospitality business, the story goes thus:

A Software Entrepreneurs, who tried to save on office real-estate cost by contracting a restaurant near their new office to serve food for their employees at the restaurant rather than provisioning for ‘in office’ cafeteria and contracting a caterer.

One fine morning when the restaurant owner wanted to Sell off or close shop, with no takers for the restaurant in a residential area, our promoter ended up buying the restaurant to ensure there is no inconvenience to his employees at the software firm.

There were no takers for the restaurant, as it had ‘no visibility hidden in a residential layout, which is the primary requirement for a restaurant to succeed. And our promoter had no real estate left to setup an ‘In Office’ cafeteria at the software firm.

With a good team under Chef Jaison KL, the restaurant soon got popular for its Kerala Cuisine and seafood recipes, from patrons from across Bangalore visiting the restaurant regularly.

In due course it struck our promoter when he realised that even when the restaurant ran it’s ‘Dine-in’ on capacity, 60% of our business was from Home delivery and takeaway, further he realised that number of outdoor delivery for party orders were too frequent and it impacted the cooking at the restaurant kitchen.

Realising that what he had cracked with his team was not ‘Dine-in experience but being able to produce and market ‘Good Food at the Right Price which is the key ingredients for a successful Delivery and Outdoor catering business.

That led to creating a new ‘State of the Art’ central Kitchen, all of 6000 Square feet. Designed to ensure quality and improve efficiency at the kitchen. Soon we also started helping our Patrons with not only catering but handling other aspects of their event, be it arrangements or entertainment for the event.

Even with the Catering business, the Restaurant still runs extremely well, thou consciously never upgraded to ‘Fine Dine’ rather maintained as a Good, Clean, Neat, Hygienic and Polite service option for ‘Good Food at the right Price'. A Kerala Veg Lunch Buffet spread for under Rs.100 with a variety of non-veg including seafood dishes served a-la-carte is what’s most popular at the restaurant. The Onam and Vishu 24 items Sadya is a never miss for our Patrons.

our advantages

6000 Sq Ft Central Kitchen

Our state of the Art Central Kitchen, ensure food is prepared hygenically. Can cater for a single meal for 5000 guests in one go.

Wide Spread of Menu Options

A wide spread of menu option to choose from Kerala, Indian and Chinese cuisine, you can be assured of a good choice of food for your guests.

Beyond catering, we can help manage your event

With our experience we could suggest other arrangements required for the event, and manage them for you, be it any arrangements or entertainemt.

Take a Tour of our Kitchen, and a food Trial

We invite our patrons to tour our kitchen and see for yourself, also take a food trail at our Restaurant to ensure what your guests would be served.

Our Senior Team Members

Chef Saji P John, Flavours Inn, Bangalore

Chef Saji P John

Sous Chef

CDP Mohammed Irshad, Flavours Inn, Bangalore

CDP Mohammed Irshad

Chef de Partie

CDP Faizur Rahaman, Flavours Inn, Banagalore

CDP Faizur Rahaman

Chef de Partie




hours: 12noon-10pm