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Event Services - Catering and Beyond !

Event arrangements - Flavours Inn Caterer, Bangalore
Event arrangements - Flavours Inn Caterer, Bangalore
Event arrangements - Flavours Inn Caterer, Bangalore
Event arrangements - Flavours Inn Caterer, Bangalore

Beyond Catering, We can manage all arrangements and entertainment for your event.

We understand your event is very special for you, be it a small party or an elaborate wedding.

Food is what brings people together, it’s what’s at the centre of every social gathering or celebration, your guests will be excited by interesting and delicious food that sparks a conversation. Hence the only thing you can’t compromise for your event is the Food and the Caterer.

Our team will help you with deciding on the menu, ensuring that the food you serve makes the right impact for the occasion. Further, with our experience of managing events we suggest and remind you of other arrangements that you will need to make beyond food for the event, and we either arrange them ourselves or suggest vendors who can do that for you.

While we are always conscious of your budgets, we ensure we don’t compromise on the Quality of our service.

Irrespective of your guest list being 25 or 5000 for your event, we manage each as a project and execute them with dedicated plan and resources.

Our team focus on ensuring we don’t fail on any of the work entrusted to us, and ensures you can relax and enjoy your event, and invest time with your guests rather than worrying about work entrusted on us.

We can handle your event, end-to-end, Be it: Weddings & Engagement, Housewarming, Birthday parties, Intimate Gatherings, Retirement Parties, Business Lunches, Business After Hours Events, Open Houses, Graduation Parties, Alumni Get-Togethers, Prayer Meetings or Remembrance Prayers.

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Your next steps, to organize a great party!

  1. Take a Tour of our Central Kitchen

    A visit to our Kitchen will help you understand the Hygiene and quality we maintain, it will also give you an opportunity take our Chefs advice on planning the Menu for your event and let our event managers suggest any arrangements you may require for the event. Lots go into planning the menu, a well panned menu will help reduce your cost …

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  2. Have a Food Trial at our Restaurant

    Its important to take a food trial, to be sure how each item in your menu taste and look, the trial will also help in customizing the flavours for you, it’s your chance to ensure your guests for the event are served the way you envisage and there are no surprises on the day of the event. It also an opportunity to make any last-minute changes to your menu & arrangements…

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  3. Relax and Enjoy your Party!

    It’s your party/event and you should be enjoying the party or entertaining your guest at the party, and the last thing you should be worried about is the arrangements or food or any of the trivia. Leave your headaches to us allow us to handle the arrangements, food and all the other related trivia. Be assured we will have all your headaches covered...

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